Calls posted for this week

See the calendar for calls on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Don’t forget the parent’s meeting on Saturday. Read More

One more reminder

Make sure you sign up for the email digests and text notifications.  Go to the home page of this website and look for the sign-up information on the right side.  We use the text notifications for last-minute changes. Read More

Parent meeting and calls

Make sure you check the rehearsal calendar on the website to see who is called for each rehearsal.  Tomorrow’s rehearsal is all-call.  Thursday’s music rehearsal is for specific people, see the rehearsal calendar for specifics.  Saturday’s rehearsal is cancelled since there are too many actors’ schedule conflicts, and we were already off for Easter Sunday.  Next Tuesday hasn’t Read More

Saturday’s practice location changed

Saturday’s practice will be in the music room, upstairs. Read More

Notes from the Music Director

Singers – Please start learning your songs! See song list below. There are several easy ways to hear your songs, including youtube videos Music Rehearsals March 29    6:30 – 7:00 Sid, 7 – 7:30 Babe, 7:30 – 7:50 Sid, Babe April  5        Prez, Gladys  6:30 – 7:15, 7:15 – 7:50 Hines April 12       6:30 – Read More

9 to 5

A shout out for Hereford High’s production of 9 to 5, scheduled for 7 pm Thursday, Friday, Saturday.  Several YTNBC members are featured.  Note that depending on snow days over the next few days their production schedule might change or the whole thing may be moved to a different weekend. Read More

Calendar updates

No rehearsal Tues or Thurs due to the high school production this week.  All call Sat and Sun. Read More

Cast List

Ok, here you go! I’ll start by saying that Ed, Amber and Heidi have decided not to hold practice this weekend so they can review the script. And here is the cast list…   Babe: Rachel H. Sid: Joseph K. Gladys: Hailey G. Hines: Josh B. Hasler: Max F. Mable: Maeve B. Perez: Taylor T. Read More


And the cast is…   soon!   But until then, good news, the scripts are in the mail.  If they arrive by Friday AND casting is complete, I think it is likely we would hold Saturday’s scheduled practice for a read-through.  Reload this page 1000 times for updates.  😛 Read More

No rehearsal this weekend

Casting is being finalized as we speak – we will post the results here.  Scripts have not arrived in the mail so we will NOT be starting rehearsal this weekend.  Stay tuned for casting and the first rehearsal date to be announced! Read More

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