Please review your calendars

We have had a lot of actors missing from rehearsals – we are about 1 month away from the show and need everyone to show up when they’re called unless they have notified Amber, Ed and Heidi that they can’t be there.  Please review your calendars along with the rehearsal schedule on the website and Read More

Thursday’s practice

No practice on Thursday.  All actors must have Act 1 memorized at this point.  Rehearse songs and lines. Read More

parent meeting

Reminder that there is a parent meeting tomorrow night, for those that did not attend the first one.  Please go to the committee signup on the website to make your selections today.  See you then. Read More

pajama game viewing

The viewing of the Pajama Game the movie will take place Friday at 6:30. Please bring a snack to share, and your own drink. We will have a pajama contest . Parents are encouraged to attend as well. Read More

Parent Committee Sign-up

This post is related to Julie’s email, so see the prior post before reading this. We have a Sign Up Genius set up so everyone can make their committee selections ( At the last parent meeting volunteers signed up on a list on my computer, but I’m not able to transfer those names into Sign Read More

A note from Julie

(this was sent out yesterday via email) Hello Parents, Quick reminder that rehearsals are All Call until further notice from Ed, our director. There have been questions about whether your child needs to go if they have a small role…as Ed says, “there are no small roles”.  Due to the small cast, those who do Read More

A note from Ed

“things are about to get intense. Until further notice EVERYONE is to be at all rehearsals.  They should bring homework, snacks and a pencil.  Each character is also to bring one item that helps to identify their character. This is for both music and acting rehearsals.” Read More

Calls posted for this week

See the calendar for calls on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Don’t forget the parent’s meeting on Saturday. Read More

One more reminder

Make sure you sign up for the email digests and text notifications.  Go to the home page of this website and look for the sign-up information on the right side.  We use the text notifications for last-minute changes. Read More

Parent meeting and calls

Make sure you check the rehearsal calendar on the website to see who is called for each rehearsal.  Tomorrow’s rehearsal is all-call.  Thursday’s music rehearsal is for specific people, see the rehearsal calendar for specifics.  Saturday’s rehearsal is cancelled since there are too many actors’ schedule conflicts, and we were already off for Easter Sunday.  Next Tuesday hasn’t Read More

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