Cast pic act 2

We need to take another cast picture before Monday’s rehearsal. Cast will have their costumes and volunteers should wear their tshirts again. Read More

cast picture

Wear your cast tshirt on Saturday for a cast picture. Read More

Upcoming calls and reminder about Cast Mass

Saturday the call is for 9 am to 1 pm.  This means we need all actors in the theater at 9 am.  Not after 9, and preferably before 9.  These are our last few days to get things right and we have a lot of work to do.  If even one actor shows up 15 Read More

Cast Meal signup

Following up on Julie H’s email, here is the link for the Cast Meal sign-up: Read More


A huge thanks to everyone for your help today for load-in!  It went very smoothly.  There are some odd jobs to do over the next week like blacking out the hall windows and hanging curtains on the tech table, but the big jobs are done. Tomorrow we will have the first tech rehearsal at 1. Read More


All actors are responsible for their own hair and make up. The following is expected: foundation, blush, powder, mascara, eyeliner, and red lipstick. Applicators and a case of some sort is suggested as well. Ladies may wear eyeshadow if desired. All hair must be up, away from face (hair gel, hairspray). Google 50’s hairstyles for Read More

Crunch time!

Lots of information is packed into this, so put on your work gloves and hard hat.  It is crunch time! A reminder that we are selling ads and one-line Patron Ads for the program. We are working on final details for the Cast Meal, details to come. A reminder that no video recordings are allowed Read More

Costume info

Messages below from Anne and Julie: Hello YTNBC Parents! Opening night is just around the corner and everyone is working hard to have everything ready! Please read through this email in it’s entirety. It details important information about costumes. Thank you so much! Anne and Julie ———————- HELP NEEDED TUESDAY AND THURSDAY If you are Read More

Saturday call

From Ed: All call – EVERYONE is expected to be OFF BOOK, no exceptions! Arrive early, we will be doing a full run and we will begin at 9:05 on the nose.  Thanks! Read More

Send in Pj’s and Flat Sheets

We need each cast member to bring in a pair of plain or striped pjs, the old fashioned kind with a button down shirt and pants.  They will be used as props in the factory scenes and worn by the cast in the final scene. We also need flat sheets to use as props in Read More

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