About Us

YTNBC (Youth Theatre of Northern Baltimore County), is a non-profit organization devoted to delivering quality theater founded in God-honoring values. Located in Parkton, Maryland our theatre has been reaching out to the communities surrounding the Baltimore region since 2004. We have had children, youth and young adults perform on our stage from over 37 schools and universities across the region.

The theatrical performances we “bring to life” have meaningful messages that promote moral values. We continually search for shows that address relevant issues facing our community, have positive messages or are just fun to watch; we strongly encourage shows that the whole family can enjoy together.

Our volunteers consist of actors, directors, technicians and theater enthusiasts with the shared desire of participating in quality theatrical performances. We welcome participants from all backgrounds and life experiences.

Attitude of Gratitude

Our theatre is committed to helping our participants and in turn our communities develop an “attitude of gratitude” by helping them to appreciate the many gifts each has received. We do this by instilling the fact that appreciation is attained not only through the utterance of thankful words but by the living of them. Our theatre participants live by their words of gratitude by:

Collecting canned goods for the hungry.
Making financial/clothing/supply donations to local homeless shelters.
Donating grocery store food cards to local food shelters.
Supporting an annual scholarship fund.
Striving to reinforce positive life values in our larger community by producing morality based programs.
Visiting and performing for our veterans at the VA hospital.
Making care packages for our troops overseas.
Supporting Sarah’s Hope financially through contributions of craft supplies, new clothing items and cash donations.
Supporter of the 18th Annual Mix 106.5 Stuff a Bus campaign for the hungry.
Collecting items for St. Vincent’s Orphanage.
Supporting our Lady of Grace Catholic Church Outreach Activities.

Our History

The Youth Theatre of Northern Baltimore County (YTNBC) had its humble beginnings as a group of volunteers in 2004 with an initially planned one-time small Christmas pageant. Small quickly went by the wayside when over 100 children showed up to audition and the production grew into a community gathering that celebrated the gifts of our youth, the wonder of faith and the beauty of the arts. We quickly learned that there was a need for an arts program that could not only touch the hearts of our youth but help our community grow and reach out to others.

Since 2004 we have done just that. Over 1700 children (and counting) have participated in our theatre either onstage or behind the scenes and countless volunteers have come together to provide young people from diverse cultural, educational and faith backgrounds the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth through participation in “morality based” theatre experiences.


We are rooted in an environment of respect for one another and the craft.
We promote an environment of collaboration.
We believe in taking chances and exploring options for delivery because our relationships
with one another foster trust.
We work to build and instill leadership skills.
We value the contributions that each participant makes.
We create community by welcoming all interested participants and their families to
become a part of the production.
We provide an extension of classroom learning.
We are a theatre family.


We use musical theater as a platform to educate young actors, not only in developing theater skills (singing, dancing, acting), but also to share these God-given talents with others by providing entertainment and enlightenment while also supporting the needs of the community
through outreach.


The Youth Theatre of Northern Baltimore County (YTNBC) provides a quality program for local youth (ages 5 to 18) to develop their acting skills in a safe, non-denominational faith-based manner. We use a tri-fold approach of faith, outreach, and theater. YTNBC is built on the
backbone of countless families who volunteer their time and talent to support the success of the program. We serve the community by helping food banks fill their shelves with non-perishable food items and toiletries, as well as providing gift cards to local grocery stores for the purchase of perishable items. We strive to promote “an attitude of gratitude” by helping the actors recognize not only their talents, but their blessings as well. We endeavor to reinforce positive life values in our larger community by producing morally based programs. We continually search for shows that address relevant issues facing our community, have positive messages or are just fun to watch. We endorse shows that the whole family can enjoy together. The primary goal of this theater is not to entertain, but to enlighten. With every production, we aspire to enrich the lives of the families who participate in our program, the community for whom we preform, and the community whom we serve. We are committed to putting our youth at the center of our productions with an emphasis on love, faith, and morality at the heart of what we do. We celebrate the spirit, creativity, and fresh perspective of each cast member, no matter the age or role. We welcome their presence in all aspects of the production while encouraging hearts and minds to open, and encourage an environment of enjoyment and confidence.