Parent Committees

We are a community theatre, and as such, we need volunteer support from each family.

Please sign up to chair or assist on a committee:

Please sign up to chaperone a rehearsal:

Each family will also need at least one adult to assist with build/load-in and strike:

Production Support/Committee Descriptions

Advertising/Marketing: Responsible for coordinating efforts for marketing the show. Activities include communicating with
schools, churches, youth organizations (scouts, 4H, etc.), local papers etc. regarding the show/ticket information. All
communications to cast families, flyers for local businesses, road signs as well as other recommendations.

Angel Grams: Responsible for the coordination of envelopes for all cast members and tech crew, selling and filing of angel
grams prior to performance and during intermission.

Cast Strike Meal: Responsible for the coordination of cast meal to occur after the final performance on Sunday.

Chaperone Coordinator: Responsible for having an extra adult present at each practice to assist with the cast members. The
tech rehearsals and show performances can require a larger number of chaperones.

Concessions Performance Coordinators(s): Responsible for the purchase and replenishment of food/drinks/ice for the
performances as well as the set-up/pack-up of concession items. Concessions are sold prior to the performance and during
intermission. Team members will work with Cast Snacks person(s) for purchase coordination.

Cast Snack Coordinator: Responsible for prepping/delivering/clean-up of snacks for the cast members prior to
intermission. Normally provide for the cast 2 healthy snack options (cheese sticks, yogurt, animal crackers, pretzels, etc.) and jug
of ice water for each performance.

Costumes: Responsible for coordinating with cast members the required costume pieces for the show. Items may be rented,
purchased, made and/or supplied by cast member depending on the show requirements.

Front of House: Responsible for the communication with patrons during the performances, ticket collection, program distribution,
etc. Includes working with director to identify timing of opening theater for general admission seating, timing of intermission and
ensuring the theater seating area is clean and set for the next performance.

Photographer: Responsible for taking pictures of cast/tech crew members and the preparation of a “show” board to be available
for viewing by audience members.

Props: Responsible for acquiring and/or making the necessary props required for the show.

Outreach Coordinator: Responsible for working with cast members to collect non-perishable items as required by the local food
banks. Coordination includes the packaging/delivery of food items during the practice months/performances and arranging for
cast members to hold donation baskets at the end of each show.

T-Shirt Coordinator: Responsible for the design (if show logo is not available) and coordination with the printing company for
the production t-shirts.

Ticket Sales: Responsible for the coordination of all ticket sales. Members of the committee will sell tickets to cast members at
specified rehearsals, respond to email and phone ticket requests as well as manages the seating assignments of Angel Seats
(reserved seating). Members will be present at all performances for door sales.

Clean Up Coordinator: Responsible for assigning chores to cast/crew at end of all rehearsals and shows and making sure area is
clean and ready for the next performance/rehearsal.

Lights: Assist with setting up lighting system and/or operating it during tech week and show performances. Must be available for
all mandatory rehearsals. Youth preferred for operation so they can get the experience.

Program Development and Printing: Responsible for putting together program, gathering marketing or vanity ads and getting
them printed for show time.

Sound: Assist with setting up sound system and/or operating it during tech week and show performances. Must be available for
all mandatory rehearsals. Youth preferred for operation so they can get the experience.