The Rules of RESPECT

The Rules of RESPECT

Be respectful of each other.
Respectful language is expected at all times.
Keep hands to self.
Be quiet while others are talking, performing, teaching or leading.

We are very conscious of ending rehearsals on time so as not to disrespect your time. Please show us the same
respect by showing up ON time ready to rehearse.

Please be mindful and respectful of the setting in which we are rehearsing. Dress accordingly in
appropriate attire. (I.e. Midriffs, short-shorts, and exposed undergarments are not acceptable.)

Please keep shoes on at all times.

No food or drink on the carpeted stage or outside the rehearsal area.
Stay in the boundaries of the rehearsal area …NO wandering the halls/outside.

During tech/dress rehearsals and performances, there are areas of the theatre that are strictly
off-limits to cast unless authorized by an adult: Areas around trusses with lights, Lighting
Table, Sound Table, Piano, Kitchen and Electrical cords.

Take care of your props, costumes, and scripts. You will be asked to pay a replacement
fee for costumes/props/scripts/music books lost, destroyed or broken. Librettos can cost
anywhere from $25.00-$50.00 to replace.

Do not use or play with any theatre equipment.  This includes props, stage set, etc. without
permission and supervision from the director, stage manager, or production manager.

Please clean up after yourself each day. Trash in cans, props and costumes returned to designated
area neatly when finished, personal belongings picked up and taken home.

Children under age of 12 will wait inside for rides unless an adult member of the crew is waiting with you.
If you must miss a rehearsal, you must email, text or call the director running that rehearsal in advance.

IF CAST MEMBERS MISS THREE REHEARSALS, (except for pre-excused conflicts/problems)
THEY MAY LOOSE THEIR SPEAKING ROLE. Further unexcused absences may require dismissal.

Add to the fun, don’t subtract from it…  Always come prepared.
There are no small parts, only small actors.