VIDEOS and reminders!

Here’s ALL THE VIDEOS we’ve recorded! Practice, practice annnnnnd……………practice!

“Stop that Man/I Believe in You” –

“Pirate Dance” –

“Brotherhood of Man” – (From Kelsey’s solo to the end –

“Cinderella Darling” –

“Coffee Break” (sideways, whoopsie!) –

****IMPORTANT REMINDERS! Email me your 50 words of why you love . . . → Read More: VIDEOS and reminders!

No rehearsal this Thursday

Hi everyone,

There is no rehearsal this Thursday, which means that you’ll have a fairly lengthy break after tomorrow evening.  Enjoy the time off, but bear in mind that the break is due to external circumstances and not because we don’t need the rehearsal. It is absolutely vital that you continue to practice at home . . . → Read More: No rehearsal this Thursday

Tuesday’s rehearsal!

ONLY TEN PAGES LEFT, AND WE’RE BLOCKED! WOO-HOO!! Great job today, everyone!

For TUESDAY… (5:30-6:30) BOYS ONLY to finish “Gotta Stop that Man/I Believe in You” and fix “Brotherhood” (6:30-7) ADD Nina, Juliana, and Danielle for the Pirate Dance (6:45-8) add the rest of the cast (please be quiet as you enter the rehearsal). For . . . → Read More: Tuesday’s rehearsal!

Today’s rehearsal!

Hey everyone! Just a heads up, today’s rehearsal will be going until 4pm! Stephanie McLoughlin will be sending out information about marketing, so be sure to check your inbox for it!

Thank you! ~Nina

Backstage and Tech Help Needed

Great job on rehearsals guys…things are really starting to take shape!  On another note we need committed backstage and tech help!  I think sound is set but we are in desperate need of good backstage and lighting assistance.  This show has a lot of light cues and many scene changes along with manual assistance for . . . → Read More: Backstage and Tech Help Needed

Thursday rehearsal

Yes, as Nina said: great work with weekend! I can’t wait to see what the show will look like when we open a month from now.

Call for this Thursday: All men (including women playing men) in the music room from 6:30-7:30.  See you then!



Ladies and gentlemen (and lady gentleman…Lauren!), CONGRATS on an AMAZING rehearsal today! We made it through everything I requested, so as promised, TUESDAY IS CANCELLED! You’ve had a long weekend and have worked super hard, so take the night off to review your lines. The off-book date was the 15th, so I expect everyone for . . . → Read More: VIDEOS and REHEARSAL CALL THIS WEEK!

This week

As you already know, there is NO REHEARSAL tomorrow evening, Tuesday the 12th.

There will also be no Thursday music rehearsal this week. Take advantage of this break to make sure you’re completely off book for Saturday. Know your lines so well that nothing can possibly shake your memory. Be able to write, speak or sing . . . → Read More: This week

Revised May Schedule

The link for the other post didn’t work! Click the link below to access the schedule:

Revised May Schedule!

Thank you!


Rehearsal schedule for the next few weeks!

First off, AMAZING rehearsal yesterday! The brush-ups were fantastic AND! “Secretary” is now COMPLETE! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to record the other numbers, however, here is a recording of “Coffee Break” revised for the group! ( AND here is “Cinderella Darling” ( Ladies, please review for our next rehearsal.

**Here is the schedule! (note the . . . → Read More: Rehearsal schedule for the next few weeks!